Sunday, May 23, 2010

How to Overcome Challenges and Trials mga natutunan ko kay brod nest thru our fellowship

What does God expect from me in the midst of crises? In this life we are going to be confronted with crises. The intensity of which we do not know. The frequency of the crises we do not know. Advise nga ni brod nest always be ready and prepare In this life there will be trouble. This is the backbone of human existence in this fallen world to be confronted with what appears to be earth shattering crises. This can set us back. Cause us to feel devastated and not know which way to go. Yes we will see crises; more than we can imagine. But what does God expect from us in the midst of the crises? let us use our powerful sacred prayers and orations.

When we look back at biblical heroes ; many of the them were persecuted. Because of their beliefs, Daniel in the lion’s den, Stephen, Paul, are a few. But Jesus Christ Our Savior paid the ultimate price for our salvation. Daniel, Paul and Stephen demonstrated true Faith and conviction. No matter what the physical assault; No matter what the agony; they all held firm to their belief in the Lord God Almighty and and their convictions. There are many survivors in our fellowship living heroes.

In the midst of the storm they were ready to fight a battle of wills; the battle for the heart and soul of man. They all prevailed in the face of gut wrenching physical sacrifices.We are guided by our warrior angels, advised by our wisdom angels and we always win the battle.

Jesus, the Son of God, paid the ultimate price for us on Calvary. He certainly knows a thing or two about crises. But in the midst of many crises Jesus expressed calm, peace, confidence. For he knew the entire weight of the world was on his shoulders and he had a mission to fulfill for his Father, Almighty God.

The world is living contrary to God word . The world is going through a crises custom made for those who follow God. We always swim against the currents of men. We have our work cut out for us. God expects us to rise up against the decadence and turmoil of the world. We do not walk along; Jesus is with us. He is in us. Which give us the tools our shield our faith and our love to our Divinos we need to fight the decadence in this world. The crises is God’s time to prove his power!

Doing crises time, we learn to walk in and depend of Jesus Christ and His Word. We need to acknowledge that Jesus is our life boat. We need to look for the hand of God in the midst of all Crises. Can’t pay the house note? We need to look for the Hand of God. If you have a devastating disease; look for the hand of God. Doing a crises we feel fear and doubt and a spirit of fear comes at us in order to pull us away from Christ. We need to do the opposite. We need to draw near to Christ. Call him up. He’s on The Main line. Jesus is on the Main line; Tell Him what you want. Call the justice angels for assistance.

Jesus calmed the sea and told the sea; “Peace be still”. When you are in the midst of crises; stop worrying and say to the Crises “Peace Be Still”. You see when you have a crises; you have no where to turn. When the Doctors diagnose you with a terminal illness; at that moment when you facing your own mortality it is not a good feeling. I’ve been there. But I’m here to tell you that God through Jesus Christ answers prayers. Jesus can lead you through any battle. When you have a hold of the rope and it appears you can’t hold on; Jesus is there to catch you and gently set you down on firm ground.

Your life changes when you completely trust the Lord to lead you through your trial. But you got to do some things; these things are very important. You got to stay in the word of God. Know the teaching of the Bible and what is means as it applies to your life situation. You must be in alignment with God’s word in order to overcome a crises. You can’t be sinning against God and expect him to bless you in a crises. You can’t be lying and stealing and expect God to deliver you from a crises. You cannot deny that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and expect to be delivered from a crises. You want. You must believe that Jesus is Lord and that He and He alone can save you! There it is; You want the answer? I just gave it to you. Take it; Use it! Apply it!

If you are facing a crises, accept Jesus as Your Savior right now. Let him come into your life. Get yourself in alignment with God’s Word in the Holy Bible. Examine yourself; Give your self a full spiritual diagnostic scan for sins and eliminate every single one from your life. Pray in the spirit everyday as many times as necessary. Mediate on God word daily;pray our prayer booklet then Jesus will help you deal with and eliminate the crises.
“By Jesus Stripes, we all are healed”

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