Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kulam case that we always solve 3

Hello, My name is -------------------. I desperately need your help please, I have no other means or a way to find this sort of help where I live. I been scammed and ripped off by others that said they could help me. I will explain my problem in brief and short as possible.
I was with a man that I love for about 8 yrs. when one day he left to go back home to the Philippines to visit and to escort his grandmother to return back to Hawaii where he now lives. But while he was in the Philippines, a woman and her family had made plans for my man, They put some Gayuma or black magick on him to make him marry this woman he never met before. to make the story shorter, I been trying to find the kind of help that I need to get him back. That woman has already passed immigration, and now lives here in hawaii with him. There is no one here in Kauai, Hawaii, atleast that I know of that can help me get this spell of of my --------, I want him back. and her out of our lives, and never to see or hear of her again. The man that I speak about, his name is -----------. My name is ----------------

and that woman that he married, that stole him from me, her name is:(------------) before he married her

Please, Please i beg you, I already tried to take my own life because i had given up. This island is too small for me to want to live and watch this woman that stole my man, and stole what is suppose to be my place. Im sorry if i sound harsh, but this woman has caused me a lot of pain and misery up until this very minute.I suspect that the person that put a spell on him is someone in her family, perhaps her mother, who also is learning the ways to do this sorcery.

I have nowhere else to turn to that i know can help me, please let me know if you will be able to help me? and please let me know also if you decide not to help me? so i dont stay lost, waiting for your reply, thank you

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